ST MARY’S ACADEMY St. Mary's Academy CBS, Railway Road, Carlow, Ireland.
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Curriculum 2013/2014


All educational research shows that students who are offered a wide and varied curriculum, with optional subjects, are more likely to engage with the subjects they select and are, therefore, more likely to be successful students.

Our Junior and Senior cycle curriculum ( excluding the Transition year)  underwent a thorough review in 2009, with all the education partners involved in deciding the outcomes. This year (2011) the Transition Year curriculum is being reviewed and this is part of the agenda of the Parent Council in the school. Student who have done, and are currently doing, the transition Year are being surveyed for their views on the programme and we hope to offer the new programme to the classes of 2011/2012.

The school offers a wide range of subjects for both Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations. Students who have completed the Junior Certificate also have the option of doing a Transition Year before proceeding to Fifth Year.

Junior Cycle
In First Year students are offered a broad range of subjects, which facilitates the move from primary to Post-primary School. In First Year students study all subjects, although they make a choice between French and German in October. At the end of First Year four subjects from the optional list below are selected resulting in students taking eleven examination subjects for their Junior Certificate.

Core Subjects
Optional Subjects
Religious Education 
Physical Education
Computer Studies

French or German

Business Studies
Technical Graphics
Materials Technology Wood

At the end of the three-year Junior Cycle, all students sit the Junior Certificate Examinations.



The aims of the Transition Year Programme are
  • To enable students to pursue educational objectives outside the examination system
  • To develop a broad range of life skills
  • To create a spirit of enterprise, self-motivation and responsibility in the students
  • To develop a sense of self-confidence and self-sufficiency
  • To achieve and record various certificates of achievement
The focus of the Transition Year is on preparing students for the world of business and the workplace. Students are encouraged to participate and achieve certification in Gaisce, the Edmund Rice Awards, the Young Scientist Exhibition, the Young Entrepreneur Compe­tition, Young Social Innovators and the Horizon Project.
Subjects Studied

Business Studies (Mini-Company)
Heritage Studies
Science, Maths
Drama, Film
Development Education
Work Experience Modules
Irish, English, RE, Art, Local Studies
Physical Education
First Aid

Work experience takes place every Friday.
The school offers a wide range of subjects to all levels. The core curriculum studied by all students is: Religious Education, Irish, English, Mathematics and Career Guidance. In addition, students’ select 4, or in special circumstances 3, from the following range of subjects, all of which are provided in the school to Leaving Certificate Higher Level standard:
History, Geography, French, German, Accounting, Business Organisation, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technical Drawing, Construction Studies, Art, Agricultural Science and Music
While every effort is made to provide classes in all these subjects, a viable class number is approximately 10. The school's fully-equipped computer, room is available for the benefit of all students.

The school offers the restructured Leaving Cert. Vocational Programme since September '97. This programme is the same as the Leaving Certificate but with extra Link Modules incorporating Enterprise Education, Preparation for Work and Work Experience.

The extra Link Modules attract points for certain 3rd. level College entry purposes. This is an excel­lent development of the traditional Leaving Cert. Programme.

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