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Parent Council


The main aims of the Parent Council are:

1. To promote and foster co-operation between home and school.

2. To act in an advisory and consultative capacity in relation to the school.

3. To promote the educational and welfare interests of the students.

The contribution of parents to St. Mary's Academy CBS is immense and we have been very fortunate that so many parents have come forward to work on behalf of the parent body to identify areas for development and improvement in the school promote the work of the school. The current chairperson is Mary Platt and she has continued the magnificent contributions of her predecessors.

The officers for the 2009/10 school year were elected in November. The council raised €3000 for the school last year, €1000 to supplement the Student Bursary, €500 to provide assistance for school books and €1000 for the continued development of the promotion of awareness of substance abuse.
The Council is currently carrying out a survey of all parents in an attempt to increase parent involvement in the school.

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