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After School Study

After School Study is a service we offer after school from 4pm, Monday-Thursday (excluding school closures). We provide a snack from 4-4:15, and supervision of your son until 6pm daily while they complete their homework and studies in a safe, disciplined and education-orientated environment.

Rules of the school apply regarding use of media, uniform and behaviour within Study, and it is generally regarded as a wonderful opportunity for the student to embrace their own learning, co-ordinate their week and prepare for end of term assessments. It has been our experience that those that participate in this facility has performed significantly better in summative assessments at all levels, and we do encourage participation where possible.

Spaces are limited by design, but overall cost is based on interest and numbers. This year, we anticipate that the cost will be approximately €130 per student from September until the December break. If there are two students attending from the same family, the second pays half of this cost, and a third child may attend for free. This is, again, entirely dependent on the numbers attending, and we ask that if you wish to obtain more information, or book a place for your son, please contact

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